Examples of Our Patients

Jake is a 1 year old boy who received a liver transplant due to biliary atresia. The liver was lovingly donated by his mother. Building Blocks designed a specialized home care program for Jake that included IV lipids and antibiotics via broviac catheter in order to make Jake stronger before his transplant operation. Additionally, the Building Blocks nursing team succeeded in keeping him out of the hospital prior to transplant. Jake continues to receive home IV antibiotics in order to prevent infection. Jake is doing exceptionally well but still requires ongoing nursing support for assessment and weekly lab draws to chart his progress.

Michael is a 6 month old boy who was born with Gastroschisis and Short Bowel Syndrome. Building Blocks provides home TPN therapy and lipids daily via broviac catheter in addition to a nightly enteral drip of formula via gastronomy tube. In addition, he receives home physical and occupational therapy from Building Blocks to promote his fine motor skills. As part of Michael's comprehensive home care program, we conduct weekly blood draws and send laboratory results directly to his physician. After an extended hospital stay, Michael continues to progress and is finally able to be at home with his family where he belongs.

Rachael was born over 3 months premature. She had a gestational age of 28 weeks and a birth weight of little more than 2-1/2 pounds. Building Blocks was able to facilitate an early discharge from the NICU and smoothly transition Rachael to our specialized neonatal home care program where she could bond with her family. Rachael received extended nursing care for the first few days which was gradually stepped down to just weekly visits for assessment, weight checks and lab draws. She received nasogastric feedings, but due to the long term nature of her care, now has a gastronomy tube. Rachael continues to gain weight and thrive at home.

Emily is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Hypogammaglobulinemia, which is an immune deficiency. Building Blocks provides monthly infusion of IVIG (immunoglobulin) in the home. Each infusion runs for a duration of approximately 4 to 6 hours. Previous to this, Emily had been receiving her infusions in the hospital which was very traumatic for her. Now a Building Blocks pediatric nurse comes to her house to place a peripheral IV line and plays games with her during the infusion. This helps make Emily's experience much more pleasant. She has shown a significant decrease in infections and is able to attend school regularly.